It's finally feeling like winter outside... so let's take advantage of it!  Join us on the long President's Day Holiday weekend as we head up to Lake Geneva for some time in God's Word and outdoor fun at Alpine Valley.

The cost for the weekend is $80 and covers skiing / snowboarding, dinner, and hotel stay. Checks can be made payable to Immanuel Lutheran Church.
Sign-up by Feb. 9!
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I hereby authorize my son/daughter to participate in the High School Youth Winter Ski Trip to Lake Geneva, WI. This authorization extends permission to those adults in charge of this activity to authorize any needed medical attention on behalf of my child.  In the event such medical services are required, I request that I be notified accordingly as soon as possible.
Thank you for signing up for the High School Ski Trip!
We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, February 18th!

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